Below is a selection of recent and forthcoming concert performances as pianist in solo and duo partnerships.

22 June, 2016:  Post-dinner piano solo performance for members of the Inner Temple, London

29 June, 2016:  Benefit concert at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, London, with Michael Bochmann (violin)

1 November, 2016:  Caterham, Surry, with Vicky Barrett (oboe)

13 November, 2016:  Stow Parish Church, with Michael Bochmann

20 November, 2016: Jordans Village, Bucks, with Alison Moncrieff-Kelly and Victoria Barrett

30 November, 2016:  Lenthall Concert Series, with Michael Bochmann and Howard Skempton (accordion and composer)

14 January, 2016: St Alfege’s Church, London, with Michael Bochmann and children from James Woolf Primary School, Greenwich

11 Feb, 2017:  St Alfege’s Church, London, with Natalie Bleicher, piano duet partner

29 April, 2017, 20 October, 2018:  Jordans Village Community Concert Series, with Michael Bochmann (Violin) and school children

17 May, 2017: Clifford Chance concert series, Canary Wharf, London, with Michael Bochmann and children from Galleon’s Reach School, London.

13 October, 2017:  Kings Place concert in honour of Howard Skempton, performing Skempton’s piano music.

18 May, 2017, 22 September, 2018: St George the Martyr, with Jonathan Blackledge (violin)

22 March, 2018: Union Chapel, Islington, London, solo performance of piano minatures by composers at Kings’ College London

14 October, 2018: the White House Sunday series, as part of Greenwich Performs Festival, with Michael Bochmann and early career professional performers

18 October, 29 November, 2018, 21 March, 2019, 2 June, 2019:  St George the Martyr, Southwark, with Michael Bochmann and children from Southwark schools