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some information about my coaching approach, qualifications and practicalities

My Coaching Approach My Coaching Approach

I work with people who want to address career issues and work-life balance, usually over a series of six to ten sessions, but I set no maximum or minimum session limit since circumstances vary. My approach is informed by research-based evidence. It derives from cognitive-behavioural and solution-focussed models. Negative performance can be identified and replaced (more…)

My coaching skills and qualifications My coaching skills and qualifications

An effective coach needs a mix of broad coaching and life experience, professional affiliation, adherence to an appropriate ethical code and formal training evidenced by a reputable coaching qualification. My coaching clients range from people in business and the law to teachers, people working or aspiring to work in arts organisations, and creative artists.  We (more…)

Contact and practical matters Contact and practical matters

Please contact me below or by email on if you have any questions.  If you are interested in arranging coaching, I offer an initial, free discussion by phone or skype/facetime to ensure we both consider we will work well together. I work with individuals and organizations and price according to the nature of the (more…)


I just wanted to write and thank you properly for all your help and support over the last year. It really has been wonderful to work with you and I feel I have come so far! The tips and tricks and new ways of thinking about and doing things has helped me significantly and enabled me to get through an extremely tough year with relative calm and success along the way.

I always found that you got to the nub of the problem unbelievably quickly and helped me find solutions to things in an efficient but also supportive way. (more…)

- Artistic Director, music organisation

“Coaching helped me articulate my vision for my subject within the school to myself and then communicate it to various stakeholders. It was a challenging year—extremely so at certain times—and the coaching sessions offered the opportunity to take stock, take care of myself, consider my priorities and look at wider issues.

We also considered my communication style and influencing and networking skills. Coaching helped me to think through the best way of ‘managing upwards’ within the organizational hierarchy, deal with possible conflicts and hone my written communications so that I was likely to get optimum results. (more…)

- Education

Esther has an in-depth understanding of highly responsible jobs that involve managing people, and a unique combination of experiences in the arts and the corporate world. This allows me to develop in my new role and discuss a wide range of different issues. Her effective questioning guides me towards solutions I hadn’t originally thought of. Her excellent listening skills allow her to feed back what I have said and help me identify key points, which can be very powerful. (new head of department)


- Education

“Our coaching sessions assisted me in knowing how I wanted to position myself professionally in the future–as a writer, educational expert and researcher. During the course of my coaching sessions, which took place over a period of about 9 months, I had many changes in my career and in my life, the most significant of which are that I now have a book contract (more…)

- Writer and researcher

Prior to starting coaching I felt frustrated in my role at work, sometimes even valueless. I wasn’t in control of my own destiny. Coaching helped me build my confidence to change my circumstances.  Coaching was for me and about me. I’d never given myself permission to take myself and my progression seriously before. I was so busy taking my obligations to others seriously I didn’t realise that the one project I was not focussing on was my own self development.  (more…)

- Commercial Banking

“Meeting with Esther was a revelation in that it opened my mind to what was possible in terms of my future career and available opportunities. It also helped me find focus and additional motivation to achieve my aspirations, develop confidence in my abilities through support and appropriate advice, identify goals and create a plan for how best to achieve them.” (commercial lawyer seeking new role) (more…)

- Legal sector

“My coaching sessions involved identifying what I like about my current career vs what I don’t like and then matching the positives to other career paths; recognising problems, identifying which problems can be addressed and labelling them ‘bees in my bonnet’- and then learning to let the other ones go for the sake of sanity; and sharing ideas about the overall direction of my academic work and next steps to carry out meaningful research. (more…)

- Education

Esther helped me to negotiate a promotion and a raise, to handle a spiralling workload and deal with a stressful period at work, and to tailor my role towards what I needed to develop my career.  She encouraged me to take time to systematically think through my aims and options and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. I’ve really enjoyed her down-to-earth style which is honest, insightful and authentic. I’d highly recommend her.

- Mental health professional

“Thank you again for your coaching which really helped me to prepare and more importantly, to believe the words I was speaking.”

- Business Sector, maternity returner