I work with people who want to address career issues and work-life balance, usually over a series of six to ten sessions, but I set no maximum or minimum session limit since circumstances vary.

  • My approach is informed by research-based evidence. It derives from cognitive-behavioural and solution-focussed models. Negative performance can be identified and replaced with performance-enhancing strategies which increase effectiveness, reduce stress, improve  relationships and enhance well-being.
  • My experience is in motivating and developing people, particularly those in perceived or actual stressful environments.
  • I am aware of the challenges of working hard whilst maintaining a personal life, such as raising a family.  I understand what it takes to work under significant pressure, manage large projects, deal with conflicts, difficult providers and clients.  I can help you address issues of time management, performance anxiety, communication, impact and difficult relationships at work. My own career has involved a series of transformations and I have seen how coaching facilitates this process.
  • I understand the importance of confidentiality and clear conflict and boundary management. I am used working with people at all levels of seniority, adapting my style to suit individual needs, and can offer an independent view.

Pictures on this website are largely taken from or near Greenwich Royal Park and nearby Canary Wharf in London, UK, by Julius Weinberg, reproduced with his permission and my thanks.  They were chosen to show how we often have a choice about how we view things and what we choose to focus on.  The Greek philospher Epictetus said “we are disturbed not by events, but by the beliefs which we hold about them”.