Coaching, mentoring and performance related workshops and talks (samples):

“Creating and managing goals as a creative artist”.  Workshop for the Southwark Arts Forum. Download PDF.

“Beating those procrastination blues: how to manage your timeline to completion”. Workshop for postgraduate students in a Higher Education Institution working on research degree programmes.

“Stress management for busy teachers”: seminar delivered at the Teach First summer institute, Leeds.

“Coaching across the spectrum: what boundaries should there be for coaches who are not psychologists when drawing on positive psychology models in their work?  British Psychological Society 5th International Congress of Coaching Psychology 2015, London. See report 2015-conference-report-the-psychologist.

“Strategies for Striving in the City”. Stress management talk delivered in conjunction with DCC Clinical for Cityparents, a networking and information organization for parents in the City, London.

“Strategies for Thriving in the City”. Delivered with DCC Clinical, as above.

“Reflective Practice in Coaching:  opportunities for infinite learning” with Professor Mary Watts, for the British Psychological Society 6th International Congress of Coaching Psychology 2016, London

Panel contributor to launch event on “The Role of Executive Search Firms in Higher Education”. Download further information.

Co-presenter of a seminar for Cityparents on “How to have good mentoring conversations”. Download further information.

Contributor to various peer-reviewed conference sessions on creative identity, autoethnography and the arts.

Report to an online zoom conference on Music in the Home on creating an online music teaching programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sample writings:

Coaching and mentoring

Cavett, E: Citymothers Mentoring Scheme e-book (reproduced with permission of Cityparents, all rights reserved). Download PDF extract.

Citymothers blogs on a variety of career-related topics (reproduced with permission of Cityparents, all rights reserved). Download PDF.

Cavett, E. (2015). Review of Stephen Newton, Success as a Coach: start and build a successful coaching practice, London: Kogan Page, 2013, in The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Vol. 14. No. 1, Jan: 121-123  Download PDF 

Cavett, E. (2015), Review of Syed Azmatullah, The Coach’s Mind Manual, London: Routledge, 2014, in Association of Integrative Coach-Therapists, issue 12, May: 15. Download PDF.

Cavett, E. (2015), Diversity, why still bother? in Board Practice InFocus, London, PSD, Summer. Download PDF.

Watts, M., Cavett, E., Dudney, S, (2016). Supervision for Learning: Enhancing Coaching Practice in Organizational Contexts. In Nieuwerburg, C. (ed.), Coaching in Professional Contexts. London: Sage, 213 – 226.

Cavett, E. (2017), Mentoring in music and the city.  In Clutterbuck, D, Kochan, F, Lunsford, G, Smith, B & Dominguez, N (Eds), The SAGE Handbook of Mentoring.  London: Sage, 570-574.

Cavett, E. (2017), Review of Erik de Haan & Willemine Regouin,  Being Supervised: a guide for supervisees:  Karnac, 2016, in Association of Integrative Coach-Therapists Journal, issue 19,  February: 20-21. Download copy

Cavett, E. (in press), Supporting the Mentee: Working at the Sharp End. In ‘Supporting the mentee: working at the sharp edge’, in S. Younie & M. Wolf (Eds), A Practical Guide for Mentoring Music Teachers. London: Sage  (6000 words).

Watts, M. Swindin, K., Al Khalil, C., & Cavett, E. (in press), Reflective Learning: Starting the Journey. Ed. Watts, M., Bor, R. & Florence, I. (Eds), The Trainee Coach Handbook. London: Sage (8200 words).

I am contracted to the academic publisher Routledge to co-author a book with Professor Mary Watts called Reflective Practice in Coaching: Infinite Learning 

My book on the composer Howard Skempton, Howard Skempton: Conversations and Reflections on Music, which combines my interviews of the composer with reflections on those interviews by musicologists and other music practitioners was published in 2019 by the academic publisher Boydell & Brewer.