Artistic Director, music organisation

I just wanted to write and thank you properly for all your help and support over the last year. It really has been wonderful to work with you and I feel I have come so far! The tips and tricks and new ways of thinking about and doing things has helped me significantly and enabled me to get through an extremely tough year with relative calm and success along the way.

I always found that you got to the nub of the problem unbelievably quickly and helped me find solutions to things in an efficient but also supportive way. It’s also just been great to take time out form a busy day or week and think about the bigger picture with you and put all of this into some context. I feel more able to cope now with managing the workload but also, some of the techniques we have spoken about I apply to other parts of my life too now – particularly trying to manage this situation with the health of a close relative over the last few months.