Commercial Banking

Prior to starting coaching I felt frustrated in my role at work, sometimes even valueless. I wasn’t in control of my own destiny. Coaching helped me build my confidence to change my circumstances.  Coaching was for me and about me. I’d never given myself permission to take myself and my progression seriously before. I was so busy taking my obligations to others seriously I didn’t realise that the one project I was not focussing on was my own self development. 

Coaching helped me start to actively manage my career. Before that I had typically worked hard for my firm and with a strong focus on my performance in my existing role and buried thoughts about my own progress in the back of my mind but, through coaching, I started thinking about how to be smarter at what I do, rather than working harder

I think on a whole different level now. I’ve realised that a lot of things are not ‘black and white’, ‘all or nothing’. Life and work are much more nuanced than that. This takes the pressure off me. I look at options and alternatives rather than feeling stuck.
Our conversations about my physical wellbeing were helpful.

I know that I am more able to look after my own wellbeing now, and this helps me look after others both at work and at home. I’m able to ask my colleagues and my family for help rather than feeling I always have to support them. It has been a good year:  we have had some meaningful, structured conversations and I’ve learnt that investing in coaching is investing in myself and my future.